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t-toc (Think & Test On Cloud) the platform to access software you need when you need and only for the time you need.

Large account

About us

t-toc® (Think and Test On Cloud) is a marketplace for scientific computing solutions on the Cloud. Aimed at industrial companies, the t-toc platform allows the use of software for industry without investment and without commitment.

Industrials SME / SMI


Test & Trial in the R&D experimental development phase is expensive

You want to adopt numerical simulation in your processes but the hardware with computational power is holding you back? You are questioning the CAPEX and ROI ?

Numerical simulation requires long learning curve and dedicated resources.


Save 30% of your budget and experimentation time and accelerate your R&D process with numerical simulation.

Your CAPEX moves to OPEX, we provide what you need and only what you need, when you need it !

Software support is provided according to your software application and you can also be assisted by the editor. 

Private editors


Delivering your solution to small and mid size companies requires dedicated and expensive distribution channels.

Software benchmarking and selection associated to investment cost implies a difficult decision-making process and a long sales cycle.

“On premises” software licensing leads too often to high customer acquisition cost.


We provide a lead acquisition channel to deliver your software free of charge.

We generate additional revenue for you by acting as a non-exclusive distributor.

We provide world-wide business opportunities.

Key account industrials


In addition to your invested solutions, you remain extended to new craft software proposals.

You are seeking for resources flexibility and cost control.

On a project basis, your numerical simulations resources may require temporary capabilities increase.


A large catalog will be offered to you on the Cloud to explore and subscribe to several software at the same time with a pay-per-use. 

• The platform offers you the computational power you need in time and hour.

Academic editors


Scientific work encounters challenges in term of valorization, mainly due to regulations and the culture of collaboration between industry and the scientific research world.

Depending on the software application, your growth may face difficulties in a very small niche market with limited scope.

Private partnerships can take time and the go-to market can take a long time…


We improve academic development visibility.

If needed, we may further industrialize the selected solutions.

We increase Assets valorization by providing  go-to-market at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

The t-toc platform hosts software from editors. They are cloned when a customer purchases a subscription of a given version of a given software. A virtual machine is automatically created from the master image of the selected software. This virtual machine is accessible to the user with the credentials of his platform account.

The t-toc subscription is available from Linux, MacOs or Windows.

No, Provided that the computer has access to Internet, no extra ports acess are required. We can provide test connexion to check correct functionnality before proceeding to subscription.

The minimal term is function of the subscription type, the complexity of the software and the learning curve. With a New Comer subscription type, the minimal term is set by the editor who knows best the software. This minimal term can be extended on a week basis. For a Skilled subscription, in general the minimal term is one week, it can be extended as well.

The software are in general provided with 2 types of subscriptions: 1) New comer which is a bundle of a subscription associated with a set of consulting or training hours ( with discount rate) provided by the editor of the solution. 2) skilled subscription without included support : in this case, the on-demand support can be asked at any time during the subscription term.

Yes, just contact us, and we will extend it the time you need.  In the next release of the platform, you will manage yourself your subscription terms.

The subscription term set at purchase time can be extended but not reduced : just take care to define it safely.

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